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[media-credit id=200 align="alignnone" width="600"]Student Government Assembly President Jesse Altum looks through documents as he prepares for questioning by the student court at the March 28 trial.[/media-credit]

Student Government Assembly President Jesse Altum looks through documents as he prepares for questioning by the student court at the March 28 trial.

Altum Trial
Student Government Assembly Sens. Jeffery Washington and Scott Hirsbrunner filed charges against President Jesse Altum alleging he inappropriately appointed Laura Noe to the position of Student Organization Ambassador in September 2011.

Noe serves as a paid administrative assistant for the SGA office. She is not being paid for the extra work she is doing as a student organization ambassador.

According to Washington and Hirsbrunner, Altum appointed Noe to a position she was not hired to, and the senate did not approve the appointment.
The second day of trial will begin proceedings April 11 at 2:30 p.m., after publication of this issue, in the Barrensen Ballroom in Tivoli.

Budget Update

Metro Assistant Budget Director Cipriana Patterson released an official statement on the SGA’s budget situation April 12.

The SGA won’t receive any money from the Student Affairs Board to cover the deficit it will incur over the remaining weeks of the SGA term. However, Metro’s administration will step in and provide funds to cover the shortfall using funds from an institutional reserve.

“They have agreed to cut costs to only include those that are absolutely necessary for operating,” Patterson wrote in the statement. “Based on this plan, the VP of Administration and Finance has [been] approved to work with the SGA to cover their deficit from Institutional Reserve.”

SGA elections for 2012-2013 begin April 16.

This semester, students will vote through their MetroConnect account. A new tag will appear that reads “Elections.”

There are six students running on three executive tickets — president and vice president. Three students are running for Student Trustee, one is running for Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board and 11 are running for 10 vacant senate seats.

Make sure to grab a copy of next week’s Metropolitan to read more on all of your candidates.

Board of Trustee
Student healthcare charges will again be included on students’ tuition and fees after the Board of Trustees convened April 5.

Veterans reported problems with the VA not paying the mandatory student health insurance because it was offered through a third party.

“This will insure that vets get their health insurance and not paying out of pocket for it,” Student Trustee Jacob LaBure said.

The veterans who were unable to pay for their health coverage had holds placed on their accounts. Also, because of the number of students who had not paid for their policies, the health care costs were driven up.

“Now that we voted to go back to the old way,” LaBure said. “It will save students money and make it easier to stay in compliance.”
The Board was also notified that Metro students will face a tuition increase of about 13 percent starting in the fall semester.
“It’s kind of bad news for students, but it’s better than it could have been,” LaBure said.

The reason the increase in tuition was not as much as some expected is because the state budget was not cut as much as originally discussed.
LaBure said the tuition increase will help Metro catch up to the other peer institutions in regards to salary and other education expenses.

The state also will be giving Metro, classified as an underfunded school, more money based on the school’s new enrollments.

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