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Word on the street: What does the Clothesline Project mean to you?

Photos by Daniel Fairbairn The need to raise awareness The Clothesline Project is a globally recognized, month-long project that visits the Auraria campus yearly. The t-shirts crisscrossing the Tivoli tell stories of strength and sadness. Brightly colored garments give courage in the face of sexual assault and abuse. But 82 percent of students polled on

The Student Voice: Do MSU Denver students prefer the RTD pass or the sticker?

Photos by Heather Newman • The new RTD CollegePass was designed to make public transportation easier for students. But with all the details of the new technology still being resolved, do MSU Denver students prefer the new pass or do they miss the simple and reliable sticker? “I prefer the stickers because it kind

Proposed tuition rate sparks widespread community response

The Board of Trustees approval of Metro’s lower tuition rate for undocumented students sparked debate and a variety of initial responses at Auraria. “I think it’s a positive step, because it’s going to contribute to our community in general [by] allowing people to better their education,” said Stephanie Campbell, a continuing senior at Metro. “A

Man on the Street: “Where do you buy, sell or trade your textbooks?”

Interviews by Kelli Heistuman-Tomko, Photos by Daniel Fairbairn. Jr   “I keep my books and let my friends borrow them. We’re all college students, man. We don’t have any money.” -Josh Bush, CCD Sophomore “I go to to buy.” -Joe Brawley, Metro Sophomore “I’m a philosophy major, so I keep my books.” -Jen Harvey,

Taylor Mathiebe, Metro

Man on the Street: Do you participate on campus?

  Do you participate in actives on campus, and what factors into your participation? “[It’s] my schedule: Internship, work, school. I don’t have time to hang around, unless I’m doing it for my classes. I’d say the most on-campus hanging out I do is just in-between classes with classmates.”          “I used