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Op-ed: Snyder has big decision to make

Op-ed: Snyder has big decision to make

Photo by Philip Poston • The world of sports has many aspects that fans come to love. The most popular aspect is the face of franchise. Our name makes us who we are. It’s our identity, and it’s what defines us. Without it, then it would be nothing more than players with no identity.

Op Ed: Metro already a national title contender

For back-to-back seasons, Roadrunner basketball has elevated its status to become the pinnacle of sports here at Metro State. But also in back-to-back seasons, the Runners have fallen one step short of the ultimate goal of bringing a national title back to Denver. Last year was a season that could have gone down in history

Realizing and Remembering

The Saturday before Memorial Day is Decoration Day for the Sanelli family. I rarely attended the family decoration day when I was younger, choosing to sleep in on those Saturday mornings rather than spend time with my family at the cemetery. But as the years wore on, I started going. Being the youngest of the

Farewell, Uncle Gary

I found a mentor my first semester at MSU Denver. I was sitting in the front row of intermediate reporting when my professor walked in. A smallish, balding man, he looked and sounded like 30 years of beat reporting. He was gruff and unsmiling. He started class by asking if students knew who their advisors