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You can take our freedom but you can’t take our internet

When it comes to our rights, the American people are willing to let a lot slide by. The Transportation Security Administration taking pictures of our naked bodies no longer affront us. We politely lamented when the National Defense Authorization Act passed, all but revoking our right to habeas corpus. “You can send us into preemptive

Too many funerals, intimations of mortality

“If you live long enough in this racket, you could spend half your time writing the obituaries of fallen comrades. The invisible sniper, firing at random, picks them off one by one — not that old newspaper guys are a difficult target. They’re a dying breed even in the best of health.” Legendary San Francisco

Letter to editor: Why Metro needs the Phoenix Center at Auraria

Jacquelin Fiegl MSCD Junior, psychology major He didn’t like it when I went out with my friends. “If I have to challenge him, I will be fine, he says sorry by the end and I miss my friends”, i reassured myself. I was strong and independent and he was insecure; we fought like that

Metro’s administration, student not seeing eye-to-eye

Metro State has a vision problem. It’s not a lack of grandiose vision, as evidenced by the Student Success Building and the Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center we will open next year. Any commuter campus that spends an estimated $107 million of its students’ money on new buildings cannot be said to be lacking in

Debt supercommittee: ‘Entitlements’ and another free pass for the rich

Veterans’ Day came and went last Friday, Nov. 11th. And one can only hope that maybe a few more people than usual, on and off campus, took a few moments from their busy lives and communication toys to reflect on and honor the men and women who served in America’s wars; noble and not. Some

Metro students letter to Pres. Jordan on name change

President Jordan, As a third-year student of Metropolitan State College of Denver, I have enjoyed the opportunity to embrace the culture and community of our students, faculty, and staff. Our students work hard to achieve success in the face of life’s challenges, including commuting, full-time jobs, families, and financial hardship. Yet, in spite of these