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Letter to the editor: “‘Vagina Monologues’ feel like a trap”

Letter to the editor As a member of the cast of this year’s production of “The Vagina Monologues”, I am admittedly biased toward any reviews of the play last Friday night. But I am not writing this letter to argue that the opinions of the journalist who wrote the piece “‘Vagina Monologues’ feel like a

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Letter to the Editor: Solicitation is not activism: Part II

Last week, I argued that many political organizations use emotionally manipulative marketing practices, and questioned the efficacy of such so-called “political action.” I also recommended protest. But I don’t want my account to seem wholly unsympathetic to people who actually work these horrible jobs. They are being consistently ignored while trying to effect a “change”

Letter to the editor: Metro did not “cower” to DU

The following is in response to “The Metropolitan’s response to DU’s letter,” Staff-Editorial, Feb. 9, 2012. Contrary to your recent editorial, Metro State’s administration and trustees did not “cower” or bend to the will of the University of Denver regarding our proposed name change to Metropolitan State University of Denver. As appointed officials, the Board of