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Crown unclaimed: Triplicate drought nears four decades

Crown unclaimed: Triplicate drought nears four decades

Photo courtesy of When California Chrome broke from the starting gate at the 146th Belmont Stakes, the three-year-old colt was going to be 12th or 13th in history. Chrome’s fate became unlucky number 13 as Tonalist, who didn’t run in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, won the Belmont. Since 1978, when Affirmed

Op Ed: Metro already a national title contender

For back-to-back seasons, Roadrunner basketball has elevated its status to become the pinnacle of sports here at Metro State. But also in back-to-back seasons, the Runners have fallen one step short of the ultimate goal of bringing a national title back to Denver. Last year was a season that could have gone down in history

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Auraria police launch new bicycle awareness program

Photo by Philip Poston • The Auraria police are stealing bicycles. Well, not really. What they are doing is tagging at-risk bikes that are locked up with cable locks. “Cable locks just aren’t safe,” said Commander Jason Mollendor of the Auraria Police Department. “It takes a thief no time to get through them with

King of Blockbusters

He’s back! Emerging out of the depths of the ocean to reclaim his title as “King of the Monsters,” Godzilla returns bigger and better than ever before to restore the balance of nature, as well as protect his 60-year reputation. ‘Tis the season for cliché, “popcorn-flick” Hollywood blockbusters filled with cutting-edge CGI, a simple plot