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Opinion: Hope lives on in the waiting

In 1982, my aunt disappeared. We spent six days worrying, wondering, praying and waiting for the phone to ring. It finally did. Searchers in La Grand, Ore. had finally found her body where it had been dumped by the man who killed her. While there is a certain absence of closure—we still don’t know who

Opinion: Spike in heroin use hits home

The heroin epidemic sweeping over the East Coast is taking the lives of young people, and many of them were people I went to high school with. I’m from New Jersey, and in the past year, four acquaintances of mine have died from overdosing on heroin. The terrible disease of addiction is evident, and it’s

Opinion: Pot legalization a struggle of culture

I never thought being a big sister would be an easy task, but I never anticipated that living in Colorado would make it harder. Amendment 64 changed everything. My younger brothers are 11 and 14. They’re young and learning about their culture and their place in the world. Currently, that place is a mile high