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Pyramid Vritra's new album "Indra"

Review: Pyramid Vritra’s new album, Indra

Review: Pyramid Vritra’s new album, Indra

  There seems to be an attraction to a sort of ‘DIY’ aspect when making hip-hop lately. One artist on stage rapping over his or her own simply created yet powerful beats seems so much more attainable and relatable than the work produced by the hip-hop giants that dominate the music industry now. Los Angeles-based

Redefining Realness book cover

Review: Redefining Realness

With the release of her new book “Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love and So Much More,” Janet Mock seeks to tear down the walls built by stigmas against transgender people. As a transgender woman from Hawaii, Mock decided to write her story in her own words after reading her own “coming out”

Distraction by Bear Hands
Album art by Cantora Records

Review: Distraction by Bear Hands

Distraction is the latest offering from Brooklyn indie rockers, Bear Hands. For their second full-length release, which came out Feb. 18 on Cantora Records, the band’s four members have shed their pragmatic but catchy pop sound and taken solace in a revamped post-punk, new age, fresh sound — perfect for 2014. The follow-up to 2010’s

About Last Night
Poster by Screen Gems

Review: About Last Night

If you didn’t know Valentine’s Day made its way onto the calendar, movies are usually one of the first to let you know it’s about that time. The first two weeks of February usually involve a barrage of love-entwined flicks and this year is no different, except for one movie: “About Last Night.” It’s the