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Top 5 films of the year…so far

Top 5 films of the year…so far

This has been a big, loud, spectacular year for movies. We’ve had superheroes left and right, quirky animated characters, monsters of every description and one or two delightful indie surprises. And 2014 still has five months left to go! We took an office poll of the Metropolitan staff and came up with our 5 favorite

Photo by Lauren Elden

Nature and science museum unlocks ancient Maya

Photo by Lauren Elden Intricate sculptures lined the dark, narrow hallways. A giant monolith of a great corn god blesses spectators as they fill the room. With an eerie feel to the atmosphere, a video is projected onto a replica of a Mayan temple, beginning the story of an ancient world. The Denver Museum of


The sacred self-portrait

Photo from There’s something about a Frida Kahlo piece: a straightforward self-portrait, unibrow and mustache in full effect, unequivocally truthful and personal. The first time I did a self-portrait was by force. It was in an introductory college painting class, when my professor described the project saying “Just, paint yourself. That’s all,” I rolled