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Hickenlooper signs ASSET at MSU Denver

History was made in Colorado April 29 when Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the ASSET bill into law. And he chose MSU Denver to do it. Hundreds of tuition-equity advocates filled the Student Success Building lobby and cheered for the Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tommorow bill, which will allow undocumented students to receive in-state

Susan Lowrence, CAVEA theater director, sits with the glasses necessary to experience the full effects of the theater. The theater combines a space with advanced technology that allows users to make better decisions through the use of computer modeling and simulation. Photo by Philip Poston

Hi-tech theater offers education in 3-D

MSU Denver is getting more high-tech in its education with a new $3 million dollar theater located in the Student Success Building, room 420. The CAVEA, or Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis, combines a theater space with advanced technology, allowing users to make better decisions through the use of computer modeling and simulation

“The Heidi Chronicles” shows 30 years of individualism

Feminism, heartbreak and self-determination throughout three decades are all present in MSU Denver’s new featured play, “The Heidi Chronicles.” The play follows Heidi Holland, who is introduced in 1989 as a successful art historian focused on bringing recognition to forgotten women in art. It then flashes back to 1965 at a high school dance where