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MSU Denver students vote in new SGA members

The votes are in. MSU Denver will start the fall semester with new Student Government Assembly administration. According to a certified list presented by Naomi Bolts, chair of the election commission, Patricia Ordaz and Morgan Swaney were elected to be the new SGA president and vice president. Joseph Boss, who was a senator for the

Opinion: Hope lives on in the waiting

In 1982, my aunt disappeared. We spent six days worrying, wondering, praying and waiting for the phone to ring. It finally did. Searchers in La Grand, Ore. had finally found her body where it had been dumped by the man who killed her. While there is a certain absence of closure—we still don’t know who

Opinion: “Noah” just a movie, not doctrine

Growing up an independent Baptist, I have always known something that most authors learn the hard way—Hollywood is the devil and it will twist your stories into something that barely resembles the original just to see what kind of public reaction it gets. Throw a religious story into the mix and the result is laughable.